Give your room a facelift with painted ceilings!

A lot of time and detail is given designing the perfect floor for every room in our home. Be it wood, stone, carpeting or area rugs, the square footage we are finishing underfoot is the same square footage overhead. Yet why is it we are obsessed with the same boring white you see on most ceilings?

Color ideas and inspiration for fabulously painted ceilings.

You’ve painted your walls. You’ve tried high-contrast door frames. You’ve even given your kitchen cabinets a vibrant upgrade. But if you think you’ve exhausted all means of adding color to your space, look up. That bland, off-white ceiling could probably use a facelift. 

Unless you simply love vanilla, why not think out of the box and splash some living color up there? I know it may be a little unnerving to try something wild, but we say go big or go home!

To gloss or not.

Whether super glossy or matte finish, adding color to the space overhead absolutely transforms a space from average to awesome!

One thing to remember if you can’t decide on a glossy or matte finish, a matte finish is very forgiving and will hide most imperfections the surface may have.
But, high gloss really gives the space the illusion of height making the space feel more expansive and uplifting! Sometimes its just worth re-plastering your ceiling in preparation for a glossy painted finish.

Most paint paint companies offer gloss paint but Old World Paints has the best gloss in the biz.

Go all the way!

Going with one color from top to bottom makes any room instantly more dramatic. Yes, even your small spaces deserve a little drama! And, the deeper and richer the colorway the more drama.

See how beautiful out-of-the-box can be.

If you’re inspired to go for it, there are phone apps like Benjamin Moore’s ColorCapture or Sherwin Williams’ ColorSnap. They can take the angst out of taking the leap of painting your ceiling.

The only question now is what color?